PSI Vol.39,No.1 December 2017 Thesis 5. pp.32-43.
七沢 賢治* 1)、杉山 彰* 2)、七沢智樹* 3)
A study of the possibility of the "Genrei language" to evolve the human brain
----The development concept of Logostron system (language frequency transmitter) based on
"Genrei"technology that affects human brains by information embedded in language frequency
through electromagnetic waves----
Kenji Nanasawa* 1), Akira Sugiyama* 2),Tomoki Nanasawa* 3)

Now humanity is facing the biggest turning point it has ever experienced. Exponential population growth, a tremendous increase in information, economic development, progress in science and technology - what will all this create in our society in the near future?

We are convinced that human beings will develop a new brain to survive this new world, and would like to introduce technology that was developed based on the Japanese ancient teachings, Logostron System, to accelerate development of this new brain.

With this technology, it is possible to dramatically boost the capacity of human brains to process information. Humanity will be able to develop these new brains and enter a new era where anyone can live as they wish.

Keywords : Genrei language, the Genrei, Logostron System,Genreigaku.

Received : October 5, 2017
Accepted : October 30, 2017

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