PSI Vol.39,No.1 December 2017 Thesis 4. pp.26-31.
佐々木 茂美* 1)、小川 雄二* 2)、佐藤 禎花* 3)
Observation and measurement of rabbit motion ORB on the initial stage of the appearance
Shigemi Sasaki* 1), Yuji Ogawa* 2) Sadaka SATO* 3)

Rabbit motion ORB was photographed with my digital and video cameras in Ina-shi, Nagano prefecture. In order to avoid bogus ORB, I put my digital camera in the telephoto zoom state, put near infrared radiation from the camera for the LCD monitor function, and then called the dynamic ORB to visualize them and photographed them with a digital camera. In other words, the photographer exchanges mutual information with ORB outside the body in ASC(altered state of consciousness).

In addition, I shot them with a video camera after I visualized them in atmosphere to appear in the video. ORB recorded as video movies was captured every 1/30 second and pasted to Word, recorded and analyzed. ORB grow up changing shapes, dimensions, hues(frequency), speed variously. Those changes seem to change cycles around 7.8 Hz. For example, Orb has a head and a tail like a caterpillar. It curl up next, and It turns head downwards, turns 180 degrees, and also tends to be a caterpillar form. The movement is like a rabbit jumps up and down, so that I called it "Rabbit Orb".

Keywords:rabbit motion , altered state of consciousness, mutual information , appearance, initial stage, change cycles 7.8 Hz, changing shapes, dimensions, hues(frequency)

Received : October 30, 2017
Accepted : November 18, 2017

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