PSI Vol.39,No.1 December 2017 Thesis 2. pp.11-17.
佐々木 茂美*
Consideration of the elements of ORB(Tamayura)
Shigemi Sasaki*

I take a flash photo of whole dim atmosphere many times with my digital camera. To avoid bogus ORB, I use the "telephoto zoom" method. ORB(Tamayura) has both material and conscious aspects. At extreme early stage of occurrence, it is wrapped with a cotton-like soft photon group centered on atmospheric aerosol and the like. They have negative and positive, and they attract each other, spinning TOMOE type collective bodies, and growing gradually while increasing their own diameter. When I remove indoor light and electromagnetic wave noise, micro ORB(photon group) of the approximately 1mm diameter occurs and comes to picture chaos attractor while gradually growing up in closed dark can.

This is low dimensional deterministic chaotic nature, and when estimated from this driver factor, PSI(chi, prana) will be released by 2-3 places of chakra. Since the photographer and the ORB outside the body exchange information, it is macro PK. And the drive factor as a substance(wave) released by these bodies will be in charge of a consciousness side of ORB.

Keywords : elements of ORB(Tamayura), early stage , photon group, 1mm diameter, chaotic nature, driver factor, PSI(chi, prana) ,chakra, macro PK

Received : October 30, 2017
Accepted : November 16, 2017

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