PSI Vol.38,No.1 December 2016 Thesis 3. pp.15-22
7.8 Hzスローα波の共鳴によるPKとESP
志賀 一雅
"PK and ESP through the resonance of the 7.8Hz slow alpha wave"
Kazumasa Shiga
 We have heard the report that is healed in a terminal cancer patient reaching point death listening to the " Noh" or the patient singing, and prolongs it, and healed well. Fortunately, we could measure the EEG of the "Noh" player and listeners.
 And also we could measure the EEG of singer and listeners during sing "Awano-uta" that have an effect of healing by Aika Hashimoto.
 Resonance of 7.8Hz was observed all equal with the Schumann resonance that is concerned with supernatural phenomena such as PK or ESP.

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