PSI Vol.38,No.1 December 2016 Thesis 2. pp.8-14.
佐々木 茂美* 1)、苗 鉄軍* 2)
On the formation mechanism of photographing ORB (2)
Shigemi Sasaki* 1), Tiejun Miao* 2)
 Minus ion and plus ion from atmosphere form a pair of ion ball because of Yin-Yang interactions according to principle of TOMOE, where minus ion acted as Yin, whereas plus ion acted as Yang. This formation mechanisms underlying the ion ball is a uniform rule applicable to for fine, rain, and cloudy weather.
 Regarding formation model on ORB, since minus ion (right spinal rotation) and plus ion (left spinal rotation) are spinning themselves, a Taiji is created by such interactions between minus and plus ion balls, i.e., a pair of plasma ball. Among this Taiji, ORB (Tamayura) core is formed and created by Taiji law. Then following a progress advanced step by step, there are a series of bifurcations leading to chaos pattern in final. This is a senior from order to chaos according the general universal mechanism in the same way to produce fundamental chaos phenomena in nature. Whence the structure of chaos attractor of created ORB has a feature being able to be described by fractal that can be explored in details by using nonlinear and complexity analysis.
 In summary, by a series of experiment on photographing ORB and analyzing fractal structure of ORB images, we reach at following conclusions about formation and growth of ORB.
1) Chaos status. This is the status before emergence of ORB, where we found there is a distribution of fractal dimensions having single or no peak.
2) Yuanji status. This is a begging of ORB formation, where there is a peak in distribution of fractal dimensions.
3) Yin-Yang Taiji status. This is formed ORB status, where there are some peaks existed on distribution of fractal dimensions.

Keywords : ORB, ion ball, Yin Yang, formation, Taiji, spin, fractal dimension, peak
Received : March 25 ,2016
Accepted : June 15, 2016

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