PSI Vol.38,No.1 December 2016 Thesis 1. pp.2-7.

佐々木 茂美* 1)、苗 鉄軍* 2)、佐藤 禎花* 3)
Approaches of photographing moving Orbs (tamayura)
-On emergence mechanism of Orbs-

Shigemi Sasaki* 1), Tiejun Miao* 2) Sadaka SATO* 3)
 This paper investigate a method to take picture of moving ORB. To guarantee a correct photographing ORB, we found the following conditions were necessary. First, a camera with remote zoom was necessary. Second, infrared is necessary to make visible the invisible ORB. Third, it was very helpful when photographer chanted Mantra of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. We found the vibration created from sounding Mantra had chaotic features with determined low fractal dimension D2. Making pint of fluctuation of D2 was found to be an effective method in training meditation. The effectiveness was evidenced by experiments conducted by measuring pulse wave of fingertip and nonlinear dynamics analysis based on chaos and complexity theory. Then we explained the conditions for favorite appearance of ORB as the interactions between sounding vibration and the Chakra underling human body. Especially the special conditions of meditation and relaxation produced balanced state (zero status) that formed a channel to connect with ORB having exchange information and PK interactions, and hence give arise a possibility to photographing moving ORB.

Keywords : moving ORB, photograph, camera, chaos, mantra, chakra, PK, meditation.
Received : March 30 , 2016
Accepted : May 20, 2016

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