PSI Vol.37,No.1 December 2015 Thesis 1.pp.15-24.
山根 真 * 1)
The NEW Cosmology and Quantum Theory
Makoto Yamane* 1)
Mass m-g of Graviton was determined from the radius r -g. Late Dr. Ryoyu Utiyama has been shown the radius r -g which is derived from the five-dimensional theory of Kaluza-Klein. r -g=(2G・m-e) / c2 =-2(G / Gre)・re=-1.35×10-57m. The radius r -g is radius of Schwarzschild. We call the radius of Utiyama-Xydous-Yamane. Graviton m-g is the black-hole of Positron m-e. Gravity wave f -g = -5.93×10-23 Hz. In scalar field the mass of Universe and unseen Universe was born in a pair of big ball and small ball from the square m pl2 of Plank mass m pl.

Keywords : Graviton,Mass of Graviton m-g,Radius of Graviton r -g,Gravity Wave f -g,Unit Mass of Monopole m sp,Speed of Aether VA,Mass of ama m-ama,Mass of ame m ame,Mass of Electron me, Mass of plank m pl,Mass of Strong Power ms,Mass of Universe mu,Mass of Unseen Universe m-u,The New Cosmology and Quantum Theory

Received : May 4 , 2015
Accepted : November 7, 2015
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