PSI Vol.37,No.1 December 2015 Thesis 1.pp.9-14.
佐藤 禎花 * 1)、佐々 木茂美* 2)、苗 鉄軍* 3)
Observations of Dynamics Processes of Orb (TAMAYURA) Formation
Sadaka SATO* 1)Shigemi Sasaki* 2) , Tiejun Miao* 3)
We successfully photographed moving Orb for first time. We found that the photograph should satisfy some conditions including weather and environment together with special consciousness status like ASC mental situations. The photographs had special characters such as diamond shape, which had much related with special environment in general. To understand underlying mechanism of formation moving Orb, we proposed a model of a resonance between ion ball and the person taking pictures. The ion ball was produced by electron, positron and ion. An appearance of Orb was able to be predicted in some way by consciousness conditions. There might be closely relationship of Orb to UFO. During advance of psi scientific researches, psychic ability can be trained and hence, it can be used to communicate with spiritual universe by calling Orb as potential spiritual energy.

Keywords : moving Orbs, photograph, ASC, emergence, conditions, consciousness.
Received : August 1, 2015
Accepted : September 12, 2015

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