PSI Vol.37,No.1 December 2015 Thesis 1. pp.2-8.
佐々木 茂美* 1)、苗 鉄軍* 2)、(故)川崎利男* 3)
Studies on Emergency of Orb and Plasma Mode after Vanishing Water Drops
Shigemi Sasaki* 1), Tiejun Miao* 2) Toshio KAWASAKI * 3)
We conducted a series of experiment in order to study emergencies of plasma mode after extinguished water drops, and hence to further exploration of creating mechanism of Orb. We found that the phenomena of plasma mode gave arising a variety of patterns that are related closely with not only physical situations such as environment or conditions but also the mental status of the person who taken picture of Orb or plasma mode. Regarding physical conditions, we found water injection released from nozzle mixed with air and form a white gas. Just because of the mixed gas was leading to a formation of plasma mode. On the other hand, regarding mental conations, consciousness of individual who participated in taking photos was found to play an important role in emergency of Orb, that is, Orb phenomena appear since there was a resonance between the individual consciousness and Orb itself.

Keywords : plasma mode, water drop, Orb, consciousness, physical condition, photo. 
Received : July 1 , 2015
Accepted : August 13 , 2015

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