PSI Vol.36,No.1 December 2014 Data 2. pp.102-111
山根 真 エネルギー・ボランティア*
From the documents of KATAKAMUNA to the Universe
Makoto Yamane*
Late Dr.Hideo Seki founded the Japan Psi Science Institute. He explained new concept by using the word of Psi information system (P.I.S or PIS) in the bulletin magazine of publication in May, 1976. He showed λ-f Diagram that related chart of wavelength and the frequency. In addition, a part of an initial idea was corrected by the criticism from inside and outside specialists. He abandoned the idea "The existance of Universal ultimate particle". By using of Psi information "Katakamuna documents" which come from ancient Japan, and recent "The law of Undulation" the New SEKIλ-f daiagrm which I rechecked great expansion of the regions,, I can understand ultimate particle in the Universe and the possibility of existence. I can show the relatoinship of the masses which appear to a new barrier (SEKI) λ-f diagram. We found the Universal equation of ħ=tpl2 ・F・v. We call it the equation of Imai-Miyauchi-Yamane.

Keywords : NEW SEKI λ-f Diagram,Katakamuna documents,The law of Undulation、Constant of Gravitation Gre,Constant of Gravitation G,Speed of light c,Speed of Aether VA,Mass of ama m -ama,Mass of ame m ame,Mass of Electron me, Mass of plank mpl,Mass of Strong Power ms,Mass of Universe mu,Mass of Unseen Universe m-u,The New Cosmology and Quantum Theory
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