PSI Vol.36,No.1 December 2014 Special Contribution 2. pp.94-101
The Source Codes- New Frontiers of Ancient Alchemy
Tracey Ash*
Understanding alchemy plays a vital role in this research, Candice Pert PHD with Nancy Marriot in The Science of Emotions and Consciousness, 2007, states,

‘The mind is not a product of any organ- consciousness and
unconscious mind infused every aspect of physical body.’

According to Pert, emotions are material and immaterial, are physical and can be weighed. Emotions vibrate with an electrical charge, physical and psychological, coordinating the entire body mind. Can intentional transformational and meditation processes result in not only unlocking consciousness but unlocking and accelerating conventional consciousness structures and time frameworks? Can advanced alchemical processes permit new awareness, in turn unlock new possibilities and cohesion with new realities or new dimensions? Often, advanced meditation techniques transform ground breaking inner vision. But what happens when new upgraded super-consciousness and new super-energy levels are unlocked. Does this create groundbreaking cohesion that affects how we experience new realities beyond usual structures? Perhaps a massive electrical charge of emotions can be photographed and filmed as orbs phenomena during advanced meditation and transformation. This is certainly one possibility.
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