PSI Vol.36,No.1 December 2014 Special Contribution 1. pp.79-93
Orbs Phenomena- The Source Codes
Tracey Ash*
‘For indeed it does seem that we have never yet fully realized the import of Shakespeare's famous dictum, “There are more things in heaven and earth … than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” The orb phenomenon may turn out to be one of the most remarkable things we have met so far, not just for what it may be in itself, but more important, for what light it might shed on the human race's attempts to understand itself and where it fits into the cosmos. It may have devastating implications for the traditional ways in which we picture many central religious beliefs, including our understanding of the“beyond.” But it can teach us an enormous amount about the nature of reality beyond what we call “this world” and what we need to realize about ourselves and our world to fit into that new framework of understanding.’
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