PSI Vol.36,No.1 December 2014 Thesis 2. pp.9-17.
佐々木 茂美* 1)、苗 鉄軍* 2)、川崎利男* 3)
Effects of Photography Conditions of Lighting and Water Drop on Emergence of Orb
Shigemi Sasaki* 1), Tiejun Miao* 2) Toshio KAWASAKI * 3)
We conducted a series of experiments under a variety of photography conditions including camera types, lighting and water drop conditions to investigate emergence of Orb. Orb is a kind of unexpected, typically circular lightings that occur in flash photography. We found the following conditions having tendency to give arise of an emergence of Orb.
(1) In compare with high resolution cameras, we found the camera with lower resolution such as 220 ten thousand pixels was easily photographing an Orb.
(2) It is also easy to have an Orb appearance when beginning light rain or under conditions of water drops created by a certain of spray. We tried to explain the findings by the reason that evaporation disappearance of water be provide a favorable condition being able to induce a formation of Orb Besides of Orb emergences, to further study how the photography conditions and environments influence Orb patterns, we analyzed the structure of photographed Orb image by making use of chaos theory and fractal analysis. As shown by fractal analysis of Orb images, Orb pattern was found to have layered fractal ones having fractal dimensions among 2 and 3. These imply that Orb have both nonlocal and random like properties which are very similar to elementary parties found in modern physics researches.

Keywords : Orb, emergence, camera, lighting, water drop, chaos, fractal, structure, elementary particle.
Received : July 22, 2014
Accepted : September 4, 2014
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