PSI Vol.36,No.1 December 2014 Thesis 1. pp.2-8.
苗 鉄軍* 1)、佐々木 茂美* 2)
Fractal Analysis of Orb
Tiejun Miao* 1), Shigemi Sasaki* 2)
We investigated the appearance of Orb with respect to geographical locations including temple, tree, and fault dislocation. To understand structure of Orb, we used complexity analysis approach from chaos and fractal methods to compute both macro fractal dimension and local fractal dimensions. Especially fractal dimensions changes for every pixel distance was expected to give essentials in relation to Orb structure.
We found that macro fractal dimension was the largest in a temple, following middle one in Bungui (a nature location), and the smallest one in a location of fault dislocation. Further, the results from local fractal analysis showed that there were two peaks in pixel space in temple, and 1-2 peaks in Bungui, and no peak in a fault dislocation.
Since image fractal give a nonlinear and complexity estimations of shapes and patterns in natural phenomena, it is a helpful method to exploring inner structure mechanism and their changes along with a variety conditions and environments.

Keywords : fractal, chaos, Orb, location, structure.
Received : April 18 , 2014
Accepted : May 23 , 2014
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