PSI Vol.35,No.1 December 2013 Data 3. pp.118-121
The Direction of Future Science Seen Through the History of Ancient Science
Toshihiro Hamada (Hermes Publishing)*
In ancient Greece, the technique in evaluating the grade of gold of a crown was discovered through the order of King Archimedes. Like this, it is possible that logic can be discovered in science through inspirations.
However, according to the scientific thought, as for example in philosophy, pragmatism would also be negated.
In the end, the topic of New-Spiritualism was brought up. Although I acknowledged (and proposed) the existence of think particles, I expect that another 50 years or so would be necessary in order for it to be observed. Therefore, the important point is that if we survey the HS (human spirit), early observations of think particles can be predicted, but for the time being, in order to refute materialism, I suggest that it is absolutely necessary to observe the HS.
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