PSI Vol.35,No.1 December 2013 Data 2. pp.108-117
An Investigation into the five-dimensional space
Yoshihisa Tanaka (Space research institute)*
In this paper, I want to present the Five-Dimensional Space with some figures and discuss its features based on the discoveries of the time-axis of fourth dimensions and the imaginary number axis of five-dimensions.
This paper focuses on the problems which are called questions in modern physics, for examples, the origin of matter, negaton(*), energy of space. And then, from the Five-Dimensional point of view, I will discuss medicine.And the experiment of gravity control was also conducted.As for me, after the discoveries of the two axes, the way to look at the things in our living world has totally become different.        (*)negaton=antiproton

Keywords : fourth dimension time-axis,five-dimensional imaginaly number axis,control of a time-axis,five-dimensional space,negaton,energy of space,gravity control
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