PSI Vol.35,No.1 December 2013 Data 1e. pp.49-58
「リンゴからダークマター、宇宙へ」 重力定数の元を求めて
山根 真 (エネルギー・ボランティア)*
From the Apple to Dark Matter and the Universe
Makoto Yamane*
I reached at last Dark Matter and Dark Energy (=Free Energy) for the Origin of Free Energy. I arrive to the Origin of the Constant of Gravitation for the researching of the Universe. I think that the Universe starts from Planck's each constant by the phase transition, gives birth to various particles by Dark Matter, Dark Matter makes the Galaxy etc. and the Universe expands according to Dark Energy.
I found the origin of “Weak Force” and “Strong Power of the Universe”. “Weak Force” is the force of electron and “Strong Power” is the Power of G force. “Gravity”, “Electromagnetism Power”, “Weak Force”, and “Strong Power” are unified with gauge photon (hc). We find the equation “ Gre2 ・me=G2 ・mu ”, “ Gre・re=G・ru ” by using of the constant of gravitation G, Universe mass mu, the radius ru of the Universe, the constant of electron gravitation Gre, mass of electron me and the radius re of electron.

Keywords : Constant of Gravitation Gre,Constant of Gravitation G,Dark Matter ms,Dark Energy esmax2,force,G force,Mass of Universe mu,Radius of Universe ru,Mass of Electron me,Radius of Electron re
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