PSI Vol.35,No.1 December 2013 Thesis 2. pp.10-17
苗 鉄軍* 1)、佐々木 茂美* 2)
Toward Orb Phenomena from Chaos Analysis of Brainwave
Tiejun MIAO* 1), 佐々木 茂美 * 2)
 We conducted an experiment to investigate the possible relations between Orb phenomena and human brain wave (EEG). Chaos analysis of EEG have been used to explore nonlinear mechanisms underlying EEG, which is believed to have correlations with ASC (Altered States of Consciousness) which is responsible for leading to abnormal phenomena. We found that subjects who successfully taken picture of Orb had different characters in EEG to ones who being unable to get picture of Orb photographs. Using wavelet transformation of EEG of subjects of Orb, we found having lower brainwave around 3.7Hz (θ wave) and 1.7Hz (δ wave), showing energy concentrations toward lower frequency. Similarly, based on chaos analysis of EEG, we found that fractal dimensions (D2) had lower tendency in subjects of Orb in comparison with ones of no Orb. The lower fractal dimension D2 of brainwave implies simplified consciousness and less thought like a deep meditation. In conclusion, there was a correlation between Orb phenomena and brain activities. It may be a useful method in judgment of Orb appearance from analysis of brainwaves.

Keywords : EEG, chaos, Orb phenomena, fractal dimension, altered states of consciousness, Brainwave.
Received:October 26, 2013
     Accepted:November 19, 2013
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